SkyHouse River Oaks

Market Area: River Oaks
Starting 1 bedroom price: $1400
Starting 2 bedroom price: $1900
Construction: Concrete
Floors: 25
Units: 352

SkyHouse River Oaks is the third SkyHouse to be built in Houston – and is extremely similar to it’s sister properties. Scenic views, a great location, and nice amenities make up for it’s lack of creativity.

skyhouse river oaks

Kitchen in the properties model unit.

This property is essentially a clone of SkyHouse Houston. They are both nice properties, but feel a little cold. It has a corporate feel to it, very different from superior Houston high-riseHanover Montrose“. It feels like SkyHouse River Oaks didn’t want any help from interior designers – and the common areas are left looking a little flat because of it. They keep their rates very fair which explains their reasons for keeping things simple.

skyhouse river oaks

Hallways at SkyHouse River Oaks.

The units were okay. They are a bit uninspired and the finishes are very standard for a class A luxury high-rise. The exposed concrete was the most unique thing about the units interior. I’m sure it can look great if you add your own decor and furniture, but they really leave you with a blank slate to work with. I know many people will love these apartments…I have seen more interesting interiors is all I’m saying.


Vacant unit at SkyHouse River Oaks.

skyhouse exposed concrete

8 inches of concrete in between each floor. Leaving an exposed concrete ceiling.

Fully decorated studio at SkyHouse River Oaks.

Fully decorated studio at SkyHouse River Oaks.

Their luxury amenities are where they excel. They take full advantage of their 25th floor deck and have 2 pools, a fitness center, game room/ lounge, and a yoga room. The views are very nice up there.


Lounge chairs at SkyHouses 25th floor pool.


25th floor gym at SkyHouse River Oaks.


Second pool at SkyHouse with very nice views.

Their location is great. And the surrounding area is one of the finest in the city.

SkyHouse is a great option if you are wanting to lease a luxury high-rise apartment in Houston without completely breaking the bank. In fact their prices are the same as many Houston luxury mid-rise rentals. Give SkyHouse River Oaks a tour if you want to lease a high-rise in one of Houston’s nicest neighborhoods.

SkyHouse River Oaks.

SkyHouse River Oaks.

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