Houston Renter Rights For Flooded Apartments

As all Houstonians are aware, many of our apartments, cars, and homes have been devastated by the flooding these past few days. I want all of my clients and current renters in Houston to know their rights and what to expect when it comes to repairs and costs.

Download PDF: Houston Renter Rights For Flooded Apartments

Tenants Rights 2014

I hope for this to ease some anxiety renters in Houston may be facing. As you can see below, the damage was sever all over Houston and the surrounding suburbs

Apartment flooded near Downtown Houston below:

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Apartments near Braes Bayou:

Water creeping up a new mid-rise close to downtown and Memorial Dr:

Flooding outside my apt. Not gonna stop anytime soon #hurricaneharvey

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This is why underground parking is always a gamble in Houston:

Apt lobby. Entire first floor garage flooded out

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I hope the PDF for Houston Renter Rights for flooded apartments helps you all out who’ve unfortunately had some damage done to your home. If you’d like to try to and find a new home that wasn’t affected by the flood, contact us HERE and we will help your search.


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