One Park Place

Market Area: Downtown
1 bedroom starting price: ~$2500
2 bedroom starting price: ~$4200

One Park Place is a gorgeous complex in Houston. Before reading about it, I think you’ll need to see and feel what they’re all about. We got to film the one of their 2 bedroom model units and their amenities, the property is beautiful.

One Park Place, one of downtown Houston’s finest residential properties, reached out to me to review their luxury apartment complex. I immediately took the opportunity and I was blown with the quality of this luxurious Houston high-rise. It set a bar and may be one of the fanciest Houston apartments I have seen.

Stunning apartment home at One Park Place.

Stunning apartment home at One Park Place.

One Park Place, a luxury high-rise in Houston managed and owned by The Finger Companies sets the bar for luxury living in Downtown Houston. I have toured many properties in Houston, and this one stands out from all the others. The location, the views, and the quality of materials used are outstanding.

One Park Place's balcony view of Downtown Houston.

One Park Place’s balcony view of Downtown Houston.

There is an elegance to this property which I hadn’t seen before. When you enter the property and leave your car with the valet, it feels like you’re entering a 5 star hotel. The interior design and atmosphere give the property and those who enter it an “elite” feel.

A model 1 bedroom at One Park Place.

A model 1 bedroom at One Park Place.

The location is one of the best I’ve seen for those wanting to rent an apartment in Downtown Houston.

The amenities are amazing. They have a gorgeous pool, gym, conference room, club room, and even a private entrance to Houston’s Phoenicia Market. One Park Place simplifies downtown living.

AMAZING pool at One Hermann Place.

AMAZING pool at One Park Place.

One of Houston’s finer grocery stores is built inside the building. Stocking the pantry has never been easier.

Phoenicia Market One Park Place

Phoenicia Market built inside the property. You wont have to leave home to get groceries!

The interior finishes are beautiful.

Lovely kitchen finishes at One Park Place.

Lovely kitchen finishes at One Park Place.

Houston has many luxury apartment complexes, but only a few are at this level of luxury. If you’re looking to lease a luxury apartment in downtown Houston, you need to check out One Park Place.

Master bedroom.

Master bedroom.

For a full list of luxury downtown Houston apartments and their current move in specials, use my free Houston apartment finding section of the blog.


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