Moving to Montrose Guide

Montrose is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Houston. The walk-ability, atmosphere, art, and coffee shops always keep me coming back. If you’re moving to Montrose, here is a quick guide to navigating the neighborhood!

Montrose Apartment rentals:

The Muse $
The Susanne $$
Hanover Montrose $$$

Everyday Living:


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This San Antonio born grocery chain is a local favorite. Their carefully organized stores carry everything from apples to passion fruit*. But, aside from the traditional and less traditional assortment of foods, HEB sells a variety of beauty and health products (soaps, makeup, vitamin supplements, etc.).

One of the reasons I use HEB for so many of my groceries, beyond proximity, is their commitment to the community they serve including giving a percentage of annual pretax profits to charity, sponsoring local educators, and supporting non-profits. Also, their guac is amazing!



Timberline Fitness Studio

Timberline offers an assortment of training styles from one-on-one with the gyms co-owner, Dean, to Pilates, yoga, or following your own routine. The trainers work at your level to improve technique, strength, and overall health and work to introduce those who are new to the fitness world while challenging their more experienced members. It has a comfortable, friendly atmosphere of comradery but, not one so social that it might disturb a good workout!

Agora Coffee

Enjoy a variety of tea’s, coffee, and pastries at the ever popular greek themed coffee shop!

Breakfast: La Guadalupana

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Easy to overlook, La Guadalupana is a small, cheerful eatery slightly off the beaten path. They serve a traditional Mexican breakfast and handcraft their pastries. It’s delicious. If you’re in a hurry it’s well worth it to stop in and order a quick cup of coffee (flavored with a touch of cinnamon) and something out of their pastry case. But, for those who have the time? I recommend sitting down, relaxing, and taking in the homey atmosphere.


Lunch: Niko-Niko’s

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In the restaurant business longevity and popularity are some of the most telling marks of success. Niko Niko’s was founded in 1977 as a single stand with picnic tables they had to chain down at night. In 40 years of hard-work, consistency, and dedication they build up the restaurant you see today.

One of my favorite things at Niko Niko’s are the gyro sandwiches which are wonderfully savory and carefully spiced for the best flavor. I think the only notable complaint I have is that because of its popularity parking and hearing can be difficult.


Dinner: El Real

El Real is a large, open restaurant. They project old westerns against one of the walls, a nod to the building’s former use as a movie theater. My go-to at El Real are their San Antonio Puffy Tacos. The staff members are extraordinary and work so hard to provide the best experience. For those living in Montrose, they host a weekly Montrose Monday where all food is 50% off with proof of residence!

I hope this Moving to Montrose guide helps make your transition to one of Houston’s best neighborhoods a breeze!



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