Elan Heights

Market Area: Heights
1 bedroom starting price: ~$1450
2 bedroom starting price: ~$2500

Elan Heights is one of the finest luxury apartments in Houston that I have toured in a long time. Everything about this property was fun to tour, a huge factor that most apartments in Houston are missing. All the features were very unique and new, making the overall tour a fresh and new experience. However keep in mind that these features are reflected in the price tag.

Facing the kitchen in the 2 bedroom model unit at Elan Heights.

Facing the kitchen in the 2 bedroom model unit at Elan Heights.

Normally I get a little bored writing about apartments to be honest. The properties start to blend together and the repeating use of the same “open” 1 bedroom floor-plan is tired and worn out. Elan Heights uses 2 unique and beautifully staged model units. Their featured 1 bedroom 1 study and a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartments really helps them stand out in terms of getting potential renters to remember their property.

Nice shot of the kitchen and living room at Elan Heights 1 bedroom 1 study model unit.

Nice shot of the kitchen and living room at Elan Heights 1 bedroom 1 study model unit.

Elan Heights is technically a high-rise apartment complex. With the first 3 floors being above ground parking, 1st level being 27 feet off the ground.

Elan Heights Houston High rise apartment

Elan Heights, picture taken from their official site. It started to rain the day I toured and couldn’t get a good picture of it.

The is property is full of class A finishes. There are a ton of pictures in the gallery above, so I wont talk too much about them. But one thing I noticed were all of the built-in shelving units. Very unique to have so many that come standard in the apartment home.

Deep closet.

Nice closet.

Not only in the closets but in the laundry rooms as well!



One last unique feature I will mention is the portable kitchen island! This is very unique for Houston apartments and I have not seen this feature in any other complex.

Huge island that MOVES. It is on wheels and can be moved around.

Nice kitchen island that MOVES. It’s on wheels and can be moved around.

The amenities are spectacular at Elan Heights. Too many to talk about, so again I will refer my readers to gallery above. But here is their awesome lounge with a panoramic view of Houston.

Elan Heights view of downtown Houston

Floor to ceiling windows at Elan Heights, offering panoramic views of downtown Houston.

The location is great. You’re in Houston’s Heights right next to a calm community park with cute duplexes and town-homes in the surrounding area.

If you can’t tell by the enthusiasm I have writing this, know that Elan Heights is a very nice complex in the Houston Heights area. If you are looking to lease a luxury rental in the Heights you need to stop by this complex.

Elan Heights bedroom.

Nice sized bedroom.

For a full list of other great properties in the Heights and their current move in special, use the blogs free Houston apartment finding page.


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