Century Galleria Lofts

Market Area: Galleria
1 bedroom starting price:~$1000
2 bedroom starting price: ~$1300

Century Galleria Lofts is a modern mid-rise apartment complex located in Houston’s Galleria area, one of the cities major shopping hubs. Century Galleria Lofts is a nice, simple, and affordable complex centrally located in Houston.

Cute unit with it's pros and cons. Mostly pros!

Cute unit with it’s pros and cons. Mostly pros!

I recently leased a client at this property and I was excited to tour it! Lofts are my favorite type of property, I love the raw interior aesthetic. However I was quite disappointed when I walked into Century Galleria Lofts because they aren’t lofts at all. The only thing they have that feels like a loft is an exposed brick wall. That’s about it. The units are still nice class A units, but there’s nothing really lofty about them. That just bugged me a bit. That and their weird green accent wall. But overall the units are very nice, open, and a great option for renters in the Galleria area.

Picture from Century Gallerias Loft's website. The living room looks much better without the neon green wall.

Picture from Century Gallerias Loft’s website. The living room looks much better without the neon green wall.

That was really the only negative thing I had to say about Century Galleria. They just have a misleading name, everything else checks out! Their amenities are on the smaller side. That’s never a deal killer for me, but some renters like the resort feel that comes with a luxury Houston apartment. Smaller amenities = lower rent price. And Century Galleria Lofts pricing is very affordable. And the testaments, although small, are still nice and well maintained.

Nice pool for residents.

Nice pool for residents.

Their location is great for Galleria and inner loop workers alike!

Overall Century Galleria Lofts is a nice luxury apartment complex near the Galleria. Not much else to say, it’s modern while maintaining an affordable price tag. Not a bad combination! I’d highly recommend checking out this property on your Galleria apartment search!

A look at the large open kitchen.

A look at the large open kitchen.

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