Block 334

Market Area: Downtown
Starting 1 bedroom price: ~$1500
Starting 2 bedroom price: ~$2200

Block 334 is the latest addition to Downtown Houston’s luxury apartment scene. It’s a modern mid-rise complex that’s located perfectly for downtown workers. This property is loaded with class A amenities and finishes.

Kitchens with granite counter tops, these come standard at Block 334

Kitchens with granite counter tops, these come standard at this property

With the properties front door located right on the metro rail, living at Block 334 makes commuting a breeze.

With large floor-plans, Block 334 is a great option if you are looking to lounge and work in your home.
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Overall Block 334 is a nice complex, and very similar to SkyHouse Houston located right across the street. There’s nothing too unique about this property, it’s very similar to most mid-rise apartments. But if you are looking for a luxury apartment located in the heart of downtown Houston, make sure to check them out! More downtown Houston apartment reviews to come. If you need to see more options that I haven’t reviewed yet, or a list of Houston apartments and their current apartment specials, feel free to email me here.


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