Best Montrose Coffee Shops

If you live in Montrose (or want to live live in Montrose) it is wise to get familiar with some of the trendiest coffee shops in the neighborhood. Whether you want to meet up with friends or work out of the house, you can’t go wrong with a local Montrose coffee shop.


Siphon Coffee


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Siphon is possibly my favorite coffee house right now.  I was introduced to it recently by friends and family and quickly discovered one of the best Chai Lattes I’ve ever had. They also have wonderfully authentic scones. Sweet, but not sickly nor drenched in overwhelming frosting or ganache. It has the traditionally cozy atmosphere I want in a coffee shop. However, parking can be a bit of an issue so, it may be advantageous to walk if you’re lucky enough to live nearby. Find yourself a Montrose rental and you’re good to go!



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Brasil is always a solid option. They promote an assortment of baked goods and coffees as well  as a full menu for those who are looking for something on the heavier side. Some of my favorite things to get at Brasil are their iced tea’s and pastry’s. The environment there is well out together. The owner is an architect and incorporated an industrial artsy loft feel to the space with lots of original and unique art work. And their outdoor spaces are lovely!


Common Bond

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Common Bond has all the essential components of a coffee shop in 2017 from large windows to ornate mini drip cakes. It is bright and busy and just slightly rustic. Their iced coffee is dark and strong, best without sugar and cream when its full flavor can shine. Like Woodbar, they have expanded their menu beyond that of a traditional coffee house and offer entrees to those who are interested.



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Agora offers dual-level seating plus a number of outdoors spots. The indoors are decorated with a collection of Greek themed items. Many of their tables, particularly on the second level are a bit low to the ground, but the chairs are good for curling up with a book. There is parking it’s pretty minimal and shouldn’t be relied on super heavily.


The Black Hole

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When I go to The Black Hole I order their Dirty Chai. Essentially, it’s a Chai Latte with a shot of espresso, but I’ve found that after a long day it can be the perfect pick-me-up. I’ve also found that they have pretty good sandwiches which I’ll sometimes get before walking to the nearby Mandell Park. They atmosphere at the Black Hole is fairly relaxed despite the numerous millennials working on computers and flipping through books. They have a colorful combination of old movie posters and Worhol-esque portraits.


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