Alexan Midtown

Market Area: Midtown / Downtown
1 bedroom starting price: ~$1475
2 bedroom starting price: ~$2125

Alexan Midtown is one of the latest apartments to pop up in Houston’s Midtown area. This luxury mid-rise apartment complex is sure to compete with the other class A properties opening up in the area. Much like other apartments in Midtown, this complex is modern, luxurious, and in a perfect location.

Alexan Midtown's exterior

Alexan Midtown’s exterior

Although Alexan Midtown is a brand new luxury apartment complex in Houston, it is striking similar to many other new luxury mid-rise I have seen. With so many similarities, it is hard for Alexan Midtown to stand out.

Open floor plan at Alexan Midtown

Open floor plan at Alexan Midtown

The property has nice finishes, brand new appliances, and great floor plans, I really liked this complex. But again, it is very similar to other properties. I have a feeling it will take a while for these midtown apartments to reach their desired 90%+ occupancy rate.

Living room in Alexan Midtown's 1 bedroom model unit

Living room in Alexan Midtown’s 1 bedroom model unit

Their location is great.

Overall this is a great complex and I’m sure if you’re looking to lease a rental in Midtown, then this should be on your shortlist. The fact that this complex is so “standard” will help renters get better rates and allow them to shop around for the best pricing. Maybe even allow some room for negotiation. (Feel free to contact me if you need help negotiating prices.)

Lovely bedroom

Lovely bedroom

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