Five things you NEED to know before moving to Houston

So, you’re moving to Houston. Welcome to one of the best decisions of your life! Moving is always a daunting task, but The Bayou City has had its arms wide open for Americans from other cities, foreigners and anyone seeking to make a new life for many generations.  Here are a few things to know before you join our beautiful City!

Houston’s unparalleled diversity

Houston is the most diverse city in the States. We officially surpassed the only cities larger than us, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York in 2012 according to research from Rice University. The affordability of the city, a booming energy sector and great universities are some of the reasons we draw so many people from other corners of the Earth.

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Top 10 food city

From fine dining to the best street tacos you’ve ever had, Houston has it all. The vibrant flavors of all the countries that make up the great city fill our kitchens and restaurants. When you live here, you’ll be discovering new cuisines as often as you want! Don’t forget to check out our coffee shops, too! You’ll need lots of caffeine to keep up with all the exciting things to do when moving to Houston!

Traffic is not that bad

This one will for sure spark some debate, but the numbers prove that even though Houston is the country’s fourth largest city, it doesn’t break the top 10 for worst traffic. Although it might be more difficult without owning a car, the city’s robust bus and rail system help residents find their way around the city.

(@hxplore is a great Instagram account to follow for up to date Houston events. The people who run it are very kind and I’ve been to a few meet ups myself!)

There is always something to do

Whether you desire theater, music, sports or comedy, Houston has an event for you. You’ll definitely find a festival or venue for any of your interests, no matter how niche. A good way to keep up with what’s going in is to follow Culture Map’s event calender. Our museums are world class, and most are free on Thursdays! The Menil Collection, which has four buildings and a rotating private collection, is always free. We have professional teams in Soccer, Football, Basketball and baseball. (Still no hockey. Sorry, y’all)

You’ll fall in love with us

You didn’t expect to move here? That’s OK. Many of us didn’t, but once you’re here, time is the only factor keeping you from becoming smitten with H-town. The hidden treasures this city offers make it feel like a hidden gem available only for those intrepid enough to endure our unforgiving Summers. And if you ever need to get away, that’s OK; we have two airports with international and domestic flights!

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